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Boosti, just the exercise I need

Boosti is a three-year development project funded by the Youth Department and the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Department of Social Services and Health Care functions as a cooperation partner. The project aims to create permanent operating methods for supporting sports and activity in young people who need it.

Boosti is a form of sports-oriented targeted youth work in Helsinki. The operations are directed particularly at those young people who do not get much exercise and who have special support needs. Boosti aims to decrease risks caused by immobility in the future by increasing physical activity among young people today.

Boosti’s objectives are:

  • to help young people find suitable ways of physical activity
  • to increase the individual preparedness and possibilities of young people to increase their physical activity
  • to facilitate physical activity (e.g. easing participation in a group, mending a broken skateboard, increasing awareness of the possibilities for physical activity).

Boosti offers:

  • individual support, where physical activities are sought and enabled together with the young person, based on the individual’s needs and hopes (e.g. mending a broken bike, moving in nature, trying out new sports, finding someone to exercise with, participating in sports group activities)
  • versatile sports activities in various types of groups, and in cooperation with other operators.

Individual support for young people

If you are interested in the operations, please contact a Boosti employee. The contact can be initiated by the young themselves, their guardian, or another adult that works with them. The way to join the operations is customised to best suit the individual.

At first, the young person is introduced to Boosti and the personnel finds out more about the person’s situation and their exercise habits. The best possible way of increasing physical activity is sought together with the young person.

Their readiness and possibilities for physical activity are improved, and any hindrances are cleared. The individual is encouraged to participate in physical activities based on their hopes and needs.
Our aims are to improve the young person’s capabilities and possibilities for physical activity, to ensure that every participant finds a suitable and interesting way of increasing their activity, to remove any hindrances for physical activity and to improve the participants’ awareness of their sports possibilities.

Many kinds of physical activities
Boosti customises its operations based on the hopes and needs of young people. The activities are carried out in various groups and in cooperation with other operators.
Suitable ways for physical activity are sought and tried out together with the young participants.
Exercise activities in various environments are made possible, and paths to exercise are built together with different bodies that organise sports activities.

We aim to increase the possibilities for physical activity, more equally to all young people, to increase the physical activity of young people and to form new cooperation practices between the various operators.

For more information, please contact:

Minna Sirviö
+358 40 1945361